Why us ?

Breaking the traditional knitting machine structure

Intelligent improvement of knitting machines:

Remote equipment debugging and positioning.

Equipment operation records and automatic maintenance reminders.

Production data collection, production task tracking.

Customer Support

Our aim is to increase the productivity of our customers and to extend the operating life of their machines.


For general technical questions and repair or maintenance issues, please contact our multilingual helpdesk teamĀ  by phone or via Internet.

Training service

We can tailor training services to your equipment to help your operators become familiar with the machine and operate it easily and correctly.

Field service

For prompt help on the spot, our field service specialists offer expert support worldwide

Spare part service

Thanks to our extensive stock and efficient logistics department we can offer you a high availability and fast replacement for machine components.

One machine, one code

Each piece of equipment has a separate code scanning traceability system to establish a complete quality and safety traceability system from raw materials – processing – assembly – debugging – transportation – distribution – users. Create products that satisfy users and reassure them.

Flexible production and personalized customization

The “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the In-depth Integrated Development of Advanced Manufacturing and Modern Service Industries” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission requires the promotion of flexible customization. Through experience interaction, online design and other methods, we will enhance customized design capabilities, strengthen parts standardization, accessory refinement, and component modular management, and achieve user-centered customization and on-demand flexible production. 5. Fast delivery

Through the ERP intelligent management system, resource constraints are met and various production resources are balanced in the production process; optimal production scheduling plans are given at different production bottleneck stages; rapid scheduling and rapid response to demand changes are achieved. Standard models are delivered within 24 hours, and customized models are delivered to customers within one month.

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