Model: BWR-1300BWQ

Standard width: 1300MM

Wire diameter range: 0.03-0.15mm

Weaving density: 200-600 mesh/inch,

Speed: 130RPM  (the actual speed depends on the weaving width and weaving specifications), frequency converter speed regulation.

Basic tension: 15000 N/m

Heald frame and form: Rotary electronic dobby machine, 20 pieces of aluminum alloy heald frames (optional up to 2-20 pieces)

CNC mechanism: one-way linear weft insertion or two-way weft insertion. Adopting AC servo motor to numerically control warp let-off, tension data is displayed in real time and automatically adjusted, and AC servo motor is used to numerically control the web.

Optional Configuration:

Machine Design: Light type / Middle type / Heavy type
Winding Method: Straight roll / Unlimited discharge
Transmission Form: Full CNC / Mechanical
Heddle Form: Arch heddle / Hanging heddle
Crankshaft Type: Bearing type / Copper tile type
Plate Structure: Casting / Steel plate welding
Tension Type: Tension shaft / Tension sensor

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